When you’re an aspiring musician and want to play in your own band, the last thing you need is an instrument that’s tricky to handle. That usually rings true for left handed guitar players. And to add to your troubles, it can also be difficult finding a left hand guitar which is also known as a southpaw guitar. I certainly had the same problem.

The main reason for this is that lessons, exercises and even teachers are all designed to teach right handed people because they are the majority in the market. So in the following paragraphs to make things easier for you I’ll tell you not only about one but two left hand electric guitars.

What You Need To Know

The first left handed electric guitar I’d like to talk about is the RST BK LH Full Size Left Handed Electric Guitar. It comes with a full size electric guitar, Amp, tuner, cables, picks, carry bag and instructional DVD. I found that I could literally play anything on this electrical guitar, from blues, jazz and rock. The body of the guitar has contours that allow me to play comfortably for hours on end when I’m practicing. This left hand electric guitar is versatile and easy to use that if you were a parent, it would be the perfect guitar for a young child learning how to play. It may be more costly than an ordinary electric guitar but that can be expected and it’s definitely worth the investment.

The next left handed electric guitar that’s worth a mention is the RST CAR LH Left Handed Electric Guitar. I had bought this for a friend and was delightfully surprised when it arrived a day earlier than expected. This also comes with the usual Amp, guitar bag, cable and picks and a strap.

There are three single coil pickups, one volume and two controls and an additional five way pickup selector. This enables the musician to get some awesome tunes. And like the RST BK LH Full Size Left Handed Electric Guitar, it allows you to play a variety of musical genres.

Final Thoughts and Insight

Left hand electric guitars are just mirror images of the standard ones. This means that you find the thickest string I now the first string from the top and the thinnest is the last string. You can flip a standard guitar or you could buy one straight out. Manufactures are now tapping into the left handed electric guitar market because many people are requiring left handed electric guitars. And soon enough we’ll have just as many left handed electric guitars available, lessons, and even teachers to teach it specifically.

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