Left Handed Gibson Electric Guitars

ccIf you are left handed, then you know how hard it is to find things you need that are not made for right handed people- like scissors, bowling balls, baseball gloves and of course, left handed guitars.  A left handed Gibson guitar is an item that is made for those people that are “in their right mind”.

The Gibson SG Standard Left-Handed Electric Guitar is It takes the best of the '62 original and adds the longer and sturdier neck joint of the late '60s models. Comes with all the classic features you'd expect from a historic guitar. Original 490 Series humbuckers go from rich, sweet lightning to warm, tingling waves of sustain. A silky-fast rosewood fretboard plays like a dream. The original-style beveled mahogany body looks like a million bucks. Plus, there's an ABR bridge and chrome hardware. Why not play a true legend?


Because it has been scientifically found that left handed people are more creative by nature, it is only natural that a great guitar company like Gibson would make left handed guitars suitable for those that choose to play that way.

Orville Gibson founded the Gibson Guitar Corporation of Nashville, Tennessee in the late 1890s.  Not only did the company manufacture acoustic and electric guitars, but also pianos under the Baldwin name and Slingerland drums.  The company became famous for the first solid-body electric guitar, the Les Paul, back in the early 50s.

Orville started the company by making mandolins, went into arch-top style guitars before going into making the Les Paul. Many famous guitarists were fans of this model that was endorsed and fine tuned by guitarist, Les Paul.

Orville sold the company in the late 1960’s and they experienced a decline in quality and reputation until 1986 when the present owners took it over, Henry Juszkiewicz and David Berryman.

The Gibson Company put an eight digit serial number system in place in 1975 and it is still used along with the date the guitars are produced, where and the order it was produced. While they are predominately known for their six string guitars, they started manufacturing bass guitars in the 1970s and have been very successful with that line, as well.

How To Decide On Left Handed Guitars:

If your left hand is stronger, you may decide it is more adept at picking or at handling chords.  Either way, it takes both hands to play a guitar, so many people decide on left handed guitars, and a left handed Gibson guitar is often one of the top choices.

You do need to consider that most music books are written for right-handed players, and until recently, left handed guitars like left handed Gibson guitars had a premium added, which is not the case anymore.

Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom Left-Handed Electric Guitar, Ebony

Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom Left-Handed Electric Guitar, Ebony

Features a one-piece mahogany neck, carved maple top and warm-toned mahogany body. An ebony fingerboard with classic inlay pattern gives it a bright attack. Matched Gibson humbuckers deliver warm rhythm and hot, solid lead sounds. Also includes a Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar tailpiece and bound body, neck, and head. Includes hardshell case.Gibson's Custom Shop produces some of the finest electric guitars on earth. Using the best materials money can buy, a staff of skilled luthiers reproduce some of the greatest Gibsons of the past and create stunning new instruments for players and collectors who demand the best.


Some Players Adapt To Right Handed, but Many Play Left-Handed Guitars:

Some players decide to adapt right handed guitars or play them upside down, which can be very confusing when chording. There are chord generators online that help display the chords for “southpaws” or left handed guitar players.

A left handed Gibson guitar is a good choice in a steel string guitar, as far as left handed guitars, are concerned.   There were many famous guitar players who played left-handed Gibsons and are highly successful guitarists.  There are just as many left handed guitarists that played right hand guitars, too.

A Left Handed Gibson is a Logical Choice:

For left handed guitarists, it is hard to beat the quality of a left handed Gibson.  There are several models to choose from that are readily available on the Internet, and every bit as good as right handed models.  A left handed Gibson is the guitar of choice for many left handed guitar players.

Changing the strings on a right handed guitar involves changing the nut to accommodate string widths, and changing the bridge to make the lower stings longer than the top for the proper tones. While many people think you could just reverse the strings, it is the string widths that cause the need for adaptations.

While acoustic guitar bracing is non-symmetrical, electric guitar controls will be backwards. It used to be that altering a right handed guitar was the most affordable option for left handed players, now it is possible to find left handed electric guitars, readily available at an affordable price.

Picking the Way That’s Best For You:

A left handed electric guitar would allow the controls to be proper, and can make life easier for a left handed player. While the difference in adapting a right handed acoustic guitar might not be as noticeable when playing, an electric guitar has added challenges. While some left handed people are able to play guitar right handed, and use a right handed guitar, there are some that are not ambidextrous and cannot master the guitar when playing right handed on a right handed instrument.

A simple way to test your strongest guitar playing style is to simply clap your hands. If the left hand is doing most of the movement on the right hand, then you would be a better left handed player. If both hands move equally or the right hand does most of the movement, then you might play equally well on a right handed guitar, although, that is not always the case.

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